So You Say You Need A Miracle?

So You Say You Need A Miracle?

So You Say You Need A Miracle?So You Say You Need A Miracle?So You Say You Need A Miracle?

Inspiring Testimonies of God at Work in the Lives of Everyday People


D.Donovan - Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

 "Don't believe in miracles? The second updated edition of Continued Miracles: Inspiring Testimonies of God at Work in the Lives of Everyday People show  how God removes obstacles to lead believers to better paths, whether it  be away from addiction and prison or via circumstance and connections  such as pets."  

2nd Edition - COMING SOON!!


Continued Miracles


God's Breakthroughs Are Happening

Kick start your day with a hefty compilation of God's modern day miracles. God has been blessing people around the world with miracles, every minute of every day for thousands of years. He continues  performing miracles to this day. 

God wants  you to seek Him and know Him. Continued Miracles was written to give you a ray of hope and draw your soul into the Kingdom. Will you believe, humble yourself and receive? 


What Is A Miracle?

Miracles are special interventions by God on behalf of His people. These supernatural interventions in the ordinary course of nature are a temporary suspension of the accustomed order or an interruption of the system of nature as it is controlled by the force of the Spirit.


The Purpose

 What is God's Love? Many of the people in this book who received a miracle have shared their stories openly for the first time, and they have given God the glory. Others tell their stories often wherever and whenever they can. They all have a common goal: to inspire, give hope, honor God, and bring people to a close relationship with God.  At the end of this book exercises will help you to record your own miracle.  

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Min./Elder Terrance Clack, CLC/The Glory Cloud Publications

Miracles happen all the time, as Debra Stout finds in her personal journey and in the lives of others in her path. Trusting God is not just words or a pretty prayer, it's a daily habit.  Expecting God to manifest daily is a lifestyle of faith that will keep anyone in a place of ...Continued Miracles.  

Dr. Bill Welte President/CEO of America Keswick

God is still at work all around us and He is still doing miracles.  We sometimes put Him in our 'little theological' boxes, but He is far bigger than we can think or imagine.  The testimonials that Debra shares will remind you that God loves to wow His Kids with His Glory and Power.  Let God blow you away!"  

Linda O'Donnell - Amazon Review [5 Stars]

What an uplifting, emotional book. I finished the book thinking that anything and everything is possible. Terrific stories, that I will read over and over again. 

Ronnie Dawson - Amazon Review [5 Stars]

Miracles do happen, and Debbie taps into the faith of each reader reassuring the existence of God. Great read!!!