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Inspiring testimonials of God at Work

 in the Lives of Everyday People

Released in 2017

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Debra L Stout

Debbie Stout

 Debra Stout (Debbie) Entrepreneur, Educator, and Author of the book entitled, “Continued Miracles.” Juno series is coming. 

Debra’s international outreach includes missions to the top of the mountains in Tijuana, Mexico. She has a sincere passion for those who are homeless and in need of food and shelter. 

Debra’s unique perspective is a combination of leadership, compassion, and academia creating a message for all to enjoy. 

Always on a Mission

Debbie Stout and friends

 Debra has a passion for souls and shares the Good News of Jesus Christ through her books and with everyone she meets. As a speaker, she constantly shares her ministry and it has taken her from the east to west coast. She enjoys conducting Backyard “Blanket” Bible studies for young children.​